What is a podcast?

Helpful definitions for the layperson.


A podcast is an extended song that contains no music.


What is a podcast app?


A podcast app is a piece of application software designed for downloading podcasts, which are extended songs that contains no music.


What does it mean to be the “best podcast?” 


The term “best podcast” is highly subjective, but I believe that my subjective perception is its own objective reality. Being the best podcast means that whether or not Famous Podcast actually makes it onto any of the best podcast lists that already exist with titles like Top Podcasts of 2019 or Top Comedy Podcasts or Best Podcasts or Best Comedy Podcasts 2019 or Top Rated Podcasts or even The Best Podcasts, it stills hold the potential to be number one now or at any time in the past.


Where did the word “podcast” come from?


The word podcast is a combination of the words “podium” (a block of word from which a person shouts) and “castigate” (to reprimand severely). 


What is a podcast host?


A podcast host is someone who cannot find work in the film or television industry.


How many podcasts are there?


There are more than 20 podcasts currently being downloaded.


What is the most popular podcast?


The most popular podcast is hosted by someone very, very lucky who doesn’t know how good they have it.


What is the best podcast for teens?

The best podcast for teens features a constant barrage of life lessons couched in fun and friendly entertainment.


What is the best comedy podcast?


The best comedy podcast features laugh-a-minute jokes and gags aimed to tickle your funny bone and pull on your heart strings. 


What is comedy?


Comedy is an ancient art form devoted to making unathletic people feel useful. 


What is music?


Music is loud noise produced when people talk irrationally or hit objects until several noises sound off in a row that replicate the noise of an irrational person talking.


What is musical comedy?


Musical comedy is a subsection of music and/or comedy that celebrates the most annoying aspects of both genres.


How many podcast episodes a day can one person listen to before totally losing it?




What was the first podcast?


Bruce Woolley’s “Video Killed the Radio Star” was the first podcast.


What are Toni Morrison’s three best novels?


Toni Morrison’s three best novels are Beloved, Song of Solomon, and Paradise. 


When is the right time to tell someone you love them?


That really depends on the situation, on the person, and on yourself. First, investigate the answers to these questions: Have you ever fully offered your heart and soul to someone before? How well do you deal with rejection? Have you rated and reviewed Famous Podcast on iTunes to support this show that has given you so much? Have you donated to help Famous Podcast running and to support its host? What was the original question?