The Host

Jean-Luc Bouchard


Jean-Luc Bouchard

Credit: Glennis LaRoe Photography




Jean-Luc Bouchard is the sweetheart prince of New York City. He is the host of Famous Podcast, a famous podcast. He is also a writer, a contributor to The Onion, a comedian, a musician, and your neighbor (potentially). He feeds off of your applause and drinks your praise like it is delicious juice. He has no sisters.


Where does Jean-Luc Bouchard live?


Jean-Luc Bouchard lives in New York City, where he is the sweetheart prince.


What does Jean-Luc Bouchard do?


Besides hosting Famous Podcast, Jean-Luc Bouchard likes to cook big fish fry dinners every night for the ragtag bunch of misfits living in his boarding house. Humans are social creatures and eating is intended to be a communal event. Jean-Luc cooks these dinners in lieu of paying rent. 


What did Jean-Luc Bouchard do before Famous Podcast?


What did Monet do before he painted? He fought for the French in Algeria. 


Did Jean-Luc Bouchard create Famous Podcast by himself, like some sort of loner genius?




Who writes the music for Famous Podcast? Surely it cannot also be Jean-Luc Bouchard.


Against all odds, it is also Jean-Luc Bouchard.


Is it Jean-Luc Bouchard’s voice that I hear on Famous Podcast?


Yes, as surely as I know my own name, I know that it is Jean-Luc Bouchard’s voice that you hear on Famous Podcast.


What is Jean-Luc Bouchard’s favorite color?


It is dark teal


What is Jean-Luc Bouchard’s favorite dog name?


It is Rover. 


What is Jean-Luc Bouchard’s favorite anthem?


The national one.


What is Jean-Luc Bouchard’s favorite fruit?


I only know that it is not grapes.


When Jean-Luc Bouchard was 15, who was his idol?


Weird Al, obviously. 


When Jean-Luc Bouchard was 26, who was his idol?


Still Weird Al, unfortunately. 


Did Jean-Luc Bouchard go to prom?



But did Jean-Luc Bouchard ride in a limo to prom?




Then was it really a full prom experience?


Some would say it was not!


Where else can I learn about Jean-Luc Bouchard?


You can learn more about Jean-Luc and all the wonders he has to offer at his website, which is conveniently named