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What is Famous Podcast?

Famous Podcast is the musical comedy podcast where each guest is more famous than the last.

You can download it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and other podcast apps. You can also find it on YouTube



What else is Famous Podcast?


You’d have to assume that Famous Podcast is also a famous podcast.


Does Famous Podcast have special guests?


Yes, of course! Only a pathetic idiot wouldn’t be able to book big-name stars for his show!


Go on.


On each episode of Famous Podcast, host Jean-Luc Bouchard tries valiantly to introduce his audience of ravenous audio freaks to a celebrity guest. And before the celebrity guest can get to the mic, he also manages to fit in a bunch of other segments. 


What sort of segments?


Well aren’t you curious. 

Famous Podcast is most famous for its landmark Listener Questions segment, where die-hard fans submit real questions to askfamouspodcast at gmail dot com. Jean-Luc hand picks these questions with loving care and then answers their queries on-air with an original song. The songs are always brilliant and his advice is sage beyond his years, but for good measure it’s best to never do anything he suggests.

Other famous recurring segments include: 

Review Watch, where Jean-Luc finds reviews of Famous Podcast online and investigates their veracity on-air. 

Cold Sweat, the health and wellness segment of Famous Podcast that promotes healthy living habits and dangerous fad diets.

Celebrity Beef, where Jean-Luc dishes the dirt on the ongoing controversies and confrontations he has with his fellow superstars.

Hustlehead, the side hustle and personal finance segment that gives those entrepreneurial wannabes over at NPR a run for their money. 

And more!


When do new episodes of Famous Podcast become available for download?


New episodes for season one of Famous Podcast become available for download on Monday.


Is Famous Podcast on Twitter?


Of course. We couldn’t get a handle fast enough, so it’s @ Famous_Podcast_.

For the love of God, do not forget the two underscores.


How many people work for Famous Podcast?


Right now it’s fewer than 250. 


How much money does Famous Podcast generate in a week?


Depends on the time zone of the week you’re describing.


Is Famous Podcast actually famous?


These are all great questions.


What is the best podcast? 


I know at least one person who thinks Famous Podcast is the best podcast.


What else does this person think?


This person also thinks that Famous Podcast is the best comedy podcast and the best music podcast.


Can Famous Podcast really be both the best comedy podcast and the best music podcast at the same time?


Anything is technically possible.


Is Famous Podcast a good podcast for teens?


Yes, Famous Podcast is a good podcast for teens.


Is Famous Podcast a funny podcast for women?


Yes, Famous Podcast is a funny podcast for women.


Who did the art for Famous Podcast?


Famous Podcast’s incredible artwork was done by the supremely talented Maritsa Patrinos.


Can you find Famous Podcast on ITUNES AND APPLE PODCASTS?


Yes, you can find Famous Podcast on iTunes and Apple Podcasts.


Can you find Famous Podcast on other podcast apps?


Yes, you can find Famous Podcast on other podcast apps, like Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher


Where else can I listen to Famous Podcast?


You can listen to Famous Podcast here